Dedicated to best-in-class engineering services

Innovation was the main drive in the development of new technical products since decades. Today increasing social sensitivity and environment care influence also in significant way the design of new industrial products. We respect the  paradigms in today's projects and share our technical experience and engineering spirit to assist you to be always ahead with your product program. No matter if your company is working in the transportation, machine building or in the energy industry, we will collaborate with your team to find the best solutions and to meet your expectations.


Company background

Haycad Đ•ngineering Ltd. is a privately held company founded in 2006. Found by an expert with more than 30 years experience in design and tooling combined with management experience from various projects leading large number of designers and coordinating multiple suppliers. Today we are team of highly experienced specialists in the field of innovative products creation with enough manpower to support our valued customers in their project tasks.


Company structure

To ensure best-in-class quality of the project results and time efficiency of the project for our customer we are structured in three teams with dedicated tasks and responsibilities.



Project Management team

The project manager plays a major role in the project and is responsible for the successfull completion of all tasks in the the given time frame and under the established budget. The project manager makes sure that the project has enough ressources, while managing the relationships with contributors and stakeholders.

Design team

Our Design team has the full technical responsibility to meet the functional, regulatory and cost requirements for the developed product. Our engineering process is regulated in our Project management book (for more information refer to our section "Our process".

Virtual simulations team

Our virtual simulations team is responsible for creating realistic models of the developed product in the vitual world. This virtual models are used to get first impression of the behaviour of the technical system in the virtual world and to validate fuctional and safety requirements in a very early stage of the development. This includes;

- Structural analysis

- Kinematic simulations and DMU

- CFD simulations

- Injection filling simulations

How we can support you

Haycad Engineering can manage or assist throughout a project and work closely with the customer and his sub-contract companies. We offer expertise in a variety of ways to ensure a project runs smoothly to completion. For projects we generally provide technical consulting with commercial aspects conducted directly between our customer and the other party.