Our Process

Our engineering process

Our Engineering project process is regulated in a our internal Integrated Project Management book. We are following a standardized workflow in order to assure quality, time plan and the coverage of the customer requirements in each of our commitments.

Typical project structure

Haycad Engineering assists throughout a project and works closely with the customer and his sub-contract companies. We offer expertise in a variety of ways to ensure a project runs smoothly to completion. We generally provide technical advice / management with commercial aspects conducted directly between our client and our team´s and sub-contract companies of our customer. A typical project conducted by us has following two alternatives:

-The Project manager team is coordinating the project including the communication with the customer, with the internal team and with the Resident engineer. He is responsible for quality, time schedule and cost constraints.
-In case of need a resident engineer working on site with thе customer can be dedicated.
Reporting and documentation
We use a structured reporting mechanism to provide clear project overview divided into following steps:
Activity reporting
- Project objectives and main achievements
- Workpackage progress
- Design reviews
- Regular discussions regarding potential global system impacts and potentials for improvement
Technical documentation
The technical documentation we are creating and sharing on a regular base with our customer includes:
- CAD data, analysis results
- technical documentations according to the guidelines of the subcontractor
- Manufacturing recommendations
Periodic management reports
The periodic management reports cover following key topics:
- Justification of the major cost drivers and resources deploye
- Explanatory note on any major cost items such as travel costs etc.
- Overview of budgeted person-months and actual person-months
Data management and data exchange
Data management
For all projects the PDM system ENOVIA Smarteam is used to ensure traceability of all project steps.
Data exchange
Possibility to share common information source (documentation, 3D models, drawings, specifications etc.) with the customer via secured internet data sharing, or Odette connection.
Financial aspects
Billing options
We focus on providing long-term engineering services. They can be based on a contract covering a certain period or specifically covering a concrete project. To give flexibility to our customers we offer two categories:
- Hourly billing (refer Pricing model)
- Project billing (as contracted with customer)
Pricing mode
The hour rate in our projects is structured as follows:
- Qualification profile of the designer
- Software tools and licenses used
- Project volume
Terms and conditions
- Actual business terms will be established through a formal agreement.
- Hourly rate contracts are subject to a minimum invoicing of 40 hours per project
- Invoicing for the services is done on a monthly basis.